It is an infection caused by a bacterium, Haemophilus Ducrey common in tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa, South America and the East. This STD relates mainly to those who travel and those who practice sex tourism.
It 'a very contagious disease and infection can easily be "transported" from one part of the body to another one.
It is transmitted easily through any type of sexual intercourse (oral, anal, vaginal). Also asymptomatic patients can pass the infection.
The use of condoms offers discreet protection from infection, although not total.
Who is infected with ulcer springs runs a seven times greater risk of being infected with HIV during unprotected sex with HIV-positive people.

How is it transmitted?

- Through sexual relations of any kind (oral, anal, vaginal).
- With the simple contact between the genitals.
- Using a contaminated genital instruments.
- With exchange and use of contaminated sex toys.
- Auto transmission (from one point to another of the body).

What are the symptoms?

- Formation of very painful ulcers at the genital level.
- Swelling of the inguinal lymph nodes.
- Pain and bleeding anus.
- Urethral Losses (in men).
- Vaginal discharge (in women).

What if you do not treat?

Complications can arise, such as fistula formation (small holes around the genitals, from which comes out pus), ulceration of the lymph nodes, fever.

How is it diagnosed?

Being easy to confuse it with other STDs, such as herpes or syphilis, it is necessary to rely on a specialized center to confirm the diagnosis, including special tests on the fluid that oozes from ulcers.

How is it treated?

The content of buboes should be aspirated, while the drug therapy is based on the administration of antibiotics. Patients should be monitored for three months, after which they must be subjected to screening for any other STDs.

How to prevent it?

- With the correct use of condoms during sexual intercourse.
- Avoiding unprotected sex with infected people.
- Using a condom from the beginning of sexual intercourse and not just at the very end.
- Using a condom to protect the objects used for the sexual practice.
- Using a condom from the beginning even during oral sex.
- Use extreme caution while traveling in the localities at risk.

The condom is still the best way to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), although in the case of Ulcer spring it does not give full protection.