The pendulous fibroids or leeks are protruding skin growths that take origin in the dermis, the layer that underlies the epidermis: in general, the pendulous fibroids have very small dimensions, but may extend up to a few centimeters in diameter and appear annoying. Their risk to develop in malignancy is very low, almost zero.
The pendulous fibroids can be located in any area of the body, but generally occur at the level of the armpits, neck, groin and upper eyelids: areas prone to repeated stress. They develop in the young adult, around 40-50 years old, in both men and women; their evolution proceeds slowly but progressively. The pendulous fibroids, in general, have a pigmentation similar to that of the skin or may have hyperpigmentation.
The pendulous fibroids cause no problems of medical interest; However, if the fibroids grow quite large, they may bleed when irritated, hit, or caught in clothing or among the jewels. The latter is a risk for a bacterial infection.
The pendulous fibroids are removed for aesthetic or functional reasons such as when localized at the eyelids level and tend to obscure the view. The removal is carried out in the clinic, blocking the fibroid with forceps; after which the doctor proceeds "snatching" upwards, with the help of surgical scalpel. Often, the treated area is bleeding: bleeding is then blocked with an electrosurgical unit or a tourniquet. With one session many pendulous fibroids can be eliminated and complete healing occurs in a few days, leaving no traces and scars. Also cryotherapy and laser treatments can be therapeutic.

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