It is a new formation of the subcutaneous tissue which looks like a small bump visible under the skin. It is usually due to solidification of the secretion of a sebaceous gland leading to its occlusion so the hair follicle swells and brings about this new formation. The growth is slowly progressive; the dimensions may vary from a few millimeters up to even to 5/6 cm in diameter. Squeezing a sebaceous cyst can lead to the leakage outside of its content and increases the risk of infection.

Sebaceous cysts can be found a bit 'everywhere on the skin area, even in large numbers in the same patient: under the scalp, in the neck region, shoulders and back, under the armpits, in the gluteal region, the scrotal sac, on the genitals, and more rarely in the breast region, abdomen and face. The patient report the appearance of a small soft bulge under the skin, often painful, but periodically may redden, become infected, causing temporary pain and even fever. Sometimes, it can discharge whitish material or greyish white, quite thick and a smell rancid and nauseating.

Sebaceous cysts are not dangerous and in some cases may even happen to reabsorb spontaneously. Other times they may be successfully treated by cutaneous application, ointments, medications by mouth. If the cyst does not respond to therapy, increases in volume and / or impact on the aesthetic aspect, the best option is to remove it surgically.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia; It consists of a small incision from which we must remove the entire cyst, then also eradicate its relative capsule: This procedure is essential to avoid possible relapses.


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