The sunspots are the result of a dermatitis by exposure to sunlight without the right protections. The spots are usually brown in color, at first light and dark later, of variable dimensions. They can affect adults or children and no area of the body is potentially safe when it comes to sunspots. Obviously, they primarly affect the most sun exposed areas such as the face, arms, shoulders, décolleté and back.

The main cause is exposure to the sun, but not only. In particular, in case of sunspots, there are other risk factors such as creams, perfumes and drugs (antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, sedatives, diuretics) that interact with ultraviolet rays, irritating the skin.

Certain hormonal changes (pregnancy and post partum period, anti conceptional pills) are also a risk factor for the occurrence of sunspot due to an overstimulation of melanocytes and increased melanin production. In the presence of one or more risk factors, it is advisable to carefully protect the skin from sundamage in order to prevent stains.

When the spots are of recent onset, the situation is even improved by different exfoliative substances (peeling). In some instances, you can resort to topical drug therapies carried out in part in the clinic and in part at home level leading to surprising results. When the spots are multiple or resistant to topical therapies, we could combine a laser therapy.

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