Absorbable Polydioxanone microthreads (PDO): these are needles/cannulas with suture threads for traction and support of tissues prone to laxity. They can be placed in any part of the body where you want to get a lifting effect.
Through micro needles of different diameters and lengths, micro wires are inserted into the deep dermis. Once fully penetrated, the micro needle is pulled out, leaving the wire in place. The needle insertion and release of the suture in Polydioxanone causes a dual action: a stimulation of the production of new elements such as collagen and elastin and a mechanical support to the treated area. The patient-effects are gradual and improve day by day. In the first week there is a stimulation of cellular metabolism leading to a better circulation and therefore increased skin brightness. After 3-4 weeks, the synthesis of new proteins occurs and thus increases the density of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. In the following months, the formation of a new fibers network around the thread allows to obtain a lifting effect. Here, the wire undergoes a natural resorption. The duration of the effects amounts to around 9-16 months.
The technique is performed in the clinics, with or without local anesthesia, it is slightly annoying but not painful. The duration of treatment is about 15 minutes and the resumption of daily activities is immediate.


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