Warts are small skin growths, sometimes painful, of yellow-greyish tones and a semi-spherical shape. They are preferably localized on the back of the hands, soles of feet and nail contour. They are supported by a viral infection (Human Papilloma Virus) that often is transmitted through sharing of public spaces, especially attending showers, swimming pools and sports fields open to the community.

The transmission is inter-human and occurs, except for the types involved in genital infections, mainly in busy areas, such as showers and saunas, gyms and swimming pools. In these locations the hot humid climate favors the viability of the virus which, benefiting from skin ulcerations induced by water, can take root with relative ease. Frequent is also the direct contagion that takes place, for example, by touching other people's warts. Warts can occur at any age but electively tend to affect children and adolescents.

The onset of the warts is usually related to a weakening of the immune system (stress, poor diet and debilitating diseases greatly increase the susceptibility to infection). Other causes or triggers that come into play are: the promiscuous use of towels, bathrobes, slippers, objects for nail care, genetic factors (the resistance to pathogen is genetically determined), accumulation of moisture (using socks or wet shoes), footwear and inadequate socks, walking barefoot in locker rooms or public bathrooms, the presence of skin lesions (are the main front door of the virus, which is why the warts are located more frequently in areas subject to trauma).
Even the poor skin hygiene, excessive exposure to sunlight facilitate, indirectly, the onset of the warts.
Skin Warts are classified into common or vulgar, deep plantar and flat. This classification is based on histological and morphological characteristics.

The classical painless treatment of first choice is often based on simple use of solutions based on salicylic acid and lactic acid, to be applied directly to the wart for about 12 weeks. However, you can choose alternative strategies that are faster such as cryotherapy. This technique takes advantage of the freezing liquid nitrogen activities, sprayed directly on the wart. Another option is made by laser therapy.

Despite the numerous methods of treatment, the warts are difficult to eradicate, and in some cases recurrences are frequent after a short time. Early intervention is also very important to prevent their spread to other body areas.


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