The pubis Pediculosis (crab lice) is caused by a parasite similar to head lice, the Phthirus pubis, which nestles between the pubic hair, including those on the chest and armpits. It affects millions of people worldwide and thus it is very common.

How to get infected?

During sexual intercourse, by contact of the intimate areas; but also through contact with sheets, towels or old clothes from a person infested with parasites.

What are the symptoms?

Itching, often intense, in the genital area. Between the pubic hair and underwear may appear small dark debris, sand like, constituted by their feces.

How to diagnose?

The diagnosis is made with a lens, through careful observation of the genital areas covered with hair.

How to eliminate crabs?

To eliminate parasites and eggs some specific lotions or foams should be taken in pharmacies. These products are left in contact with the skin for some hours. The treatment should be repeated after about 8 days to wipe out any survivors.
The infested area should be shaved. Bed sheets and linen should be washed at high temperature and hot stretched, waiting a few days before wearing them again.
All partners with whom there have been intimate contact in the previous month must be notified and controlled.

How to prevent infection?

There are no specific products that ensure true protection. However it is always advised to practice safe sex to avoid contracting other STDs.
Contrary to what some may think, crabs do NOT jump from one person to another, but you need physical contact to transmit the infestation.